The Community for Technology Leaders
TRON Project Symposium, (1996)
Tokyo, JAPAN
Dec. 4, 1996 to Dec. 7, 1996
ISSN: 1063-6749
ISBN: 0-8186-7658-2
Keynote Address
Project Updates

Current Status and Future Directions of the ITRON Subproject (Abstract)

Hiroaki Takada , University of Tokyo
Kiichiro Tamaru , TOSHIBA Corporation
pp. 16

An Update on the CTRON Subproject (Abstract)

Tetsuo Wasano , ATR International Co.
Toshikazu Ohkubo , NTT Software Co.
pp. 28
Technical Session I - ITRON and CTRON

OS Validation Programming Language: CVAL (Abstract)

Susumu Minami , NTT Software Corporation
Ichizo Kogiku , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Akiko Fukuya , Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd
Hideyuki Matsuda , Fujitsu Limited
pp. 38

Prioritized Inter-processor Synchronization in an ITRON-MP Implementation (Abstract)

Cai-Dong Wang , University of Tokyo
Hiroaki Takada , University of Tokyo
Ken Sakamura , University of Tokyo
pp. 48
Technical Session II - Digital Museum
Technical Session III - BTRON

The B-right: a micro-BTRON-specification OS for PDA with an Affordable Window System (Abstract)

Akira Matsui , Personal Media Corporation
Yoshio Kato , Personal Media Corporation
pp. 82

Development of the BTRON-BrainPad (Abstract)

H. Watanabe , Seiko Instruments Inc.
N. Sasaki , Seiko Instruments Inc.
K. Tanigawa , Seiko Instruments Inc.
Y. Kanamori , Seiko Instruments Inc.
pp. 95
Panel Session
Enableware (TEPS)
Tutorial Session I

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