The Community for Technology Leaders
Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (2003)
University of Birmingham, UK
June 3, 2003 to June 5, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1942-3
Images and Display

Designing Projective Environments (Abstract)

Apostolos Dountsis , University of Sussex
Paul F. Lister , University of Sussex
pp. 2

Generalising Video Textures (Abstract)

Paul M. Phillips , The University of Edinburgh
Gordon Watson , The University of Edinburgh
pp. 8
Information Visualization

Guided Navigation in Task-Oriented 3D Graph Visualizations (Abstract)

Guido Reina , University of Stuttgart, Germany
Sven Lange-Last , IBM Research Germany
Klaus Engel , University of Stuttgart, Germany
Thomas Ertl , University of Stuttgart, Germany
pp. 26

The 3D Wunderkammer An Indexing by Placing Approach to the Image Storage and Retrieval (Abstract)

Kresimir Matkovic , VRVis Reserach Center
Johannes Siglaer , Vienna University of Technology
Martin Kompast , Vienna University of Technology
Thomas Psik , Vienna University of Technology
Ina Wagner , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 34

An SVG Browser for XML Languages (Abstract)

Musbah Shahop Sagar , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 42

Schematic Diagrams, XML and Accessibility (Abstract)

Z. Ben Fredj , Oxford Brookes University
D.A. Duce , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 49
Natural Environments and Facial Animation

Modeling Virtual Gardens by Autonomous Procedural Agents (Abstract)

Bedrich Benes , ITESM Campus Ciudad de M?xico
Javier Abdul Cord? , ITESM Campus Estado de M?xico
Juan Miguel Soto , ITESM Campus Estado de M?xico
pp. 58

Exploiting Partial Visibility in the Real-Time Display of Virtual Natural Environments (Abstract)

D. Pearce , University of East Anglia
A. M. Day , University of East Anglia
pp. 66

Image-based Talking Heads using Radial Basis Functions (Abstract)

James D. Edge , University of Sheffield
Steve Maddock , University of Sheffield
pp. 74

Planar Bones for MPEG-4 Facial Animation (Abstract)

Manuel A. S?nchez Lorenzo , University of Sheffield
Steve C. Maddock , University of Sheffield
pp. 81
Rendering and Modelling

Formulated Silhouettes for Sketching Terrain (Abstract)

J. C. Whelan , The University of Hull
M. Visvalingam , The University of Hull
pp. 90

Shape-Similarity Search of 3D Models by using Enhanced Shape Functions (Abstract)

Ryutarou Ohbuchi , University of Yamanashi
Takahiro Minamitani , University of Yamanashi
Tsuyoshi Takei , University of Yamanashi
pp. 97

Generic Graphics Architecture (Abstract)

Radek Oslejsek , Masaryk University
Jiri Sochor , Masaryk University
pp. 105

Point inversion and projection for NURBS curve: Control polygon approach (Abstract)

YingLiang Ma , University of Glasgow
W T Hewitt , University of Manchester
pp. 113
Virtual Worlds

Intuitive Crowd Behaviour in Dense Urban Environments using Local Laws (Abstract)

Celine Loscos , University College London
David Marchal , Ecole Polytechnique Paris
Alexandre Meyer , University College London
pp. 122

Simulation of Unmanned Air Vehicle Flocking (Abstract)

Neil R. Watson , University of Manchester
Nigel W. John , University of Manchester
William J. Crowther , University of Manchester
pp. 130

Real-time Path Planning for Navigation in Unknown Environment (Abstract)

T. R. Wan , University of Bradford
H. Chen , University of Bradford
R Earnshaw , University of Bradford
pp. 138

Real-time Crowd Movement On Large Scale Terrains (Abstract)

Wen Tang , University of Teesside
Tao Ruan Wan , University of Bradford
Sanket Patel , University of Teesside
pp. 146

Visualizing Diffusion-Weighted MRI Data Using Collaborative Virtual Environment and Grid Technologies (Abstract)

A. Steed , University College London
D. Alexander , University College London
P. Cook , University College London
C. Parker , University College London
pp. 156
Work In Progress

Developing a Global Repository and Showplace for Imagery Data (Abstract)

Ann Smith , University of Wales Swansea
Min Chen , University of Wales Swansea
Mike Webster , University of Wales Swansea
pp. 178

Examination of the colour selection process within digital design for the Built Environment (Abstract)

Paul Bailey , University of Wolverhampton
Ken Manktelow , University of Wolverhampton
Paul Olomolaiye , University of Wolverhampton
pp. 193

3D Sound Feedback Act as Task Aid in a Virtual Assembly Environment (Abstract)

Ying Zhang , University of Salford, UK
Terrence Fernando , University of Salford, UK
pp. 209

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pp. 215
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