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Proceedings 33rd International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems TOOLS 33 (2000)
St. Malo, France
June 5, 2000 to June 8, 2000
ISSN: 1530-2067
ISBN: 0-7695-0731-X

Preface (PDF)

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Keynote Presentations
Real-Time & E-Commerce

Pickling Threads State in the Java System (Abstract)

Sara Bouchenak , Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Daniel Hagimont , Institut National de Recherche d'Informatique et d'Automatique
pp. 22

Streamlining Object-Oriented Software for Deeply Embedded Applications (Abstract)

Danilo Beuche , University of Magdeburg
Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat , University of Magdeburg
Olaf Spinczyk , University of Magdeburg
Ute Spinczyk , University of Magdeburg
pp. 33

Connecting Non-Java Devices to a Jini Network (Abstract)

Charles E. McDowell , University of California at Santa Cruz
K. Shankari , University of California at Santa Cruz
pp. 45
Software Engineering

Measures for Object-Event Interactions (Abstract)

Geert Poels , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Guido Dedene , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
pp. 70

UML for Protocol Engineering - Extensions and Experiences (Abstract)

Juha Pärssinen , VTT Information Technology
Niklas von Knorring , Helsinki University of Technology
Jukka Heinonen , Nokia Research Center
Tellabs Oy , Nokia Research Center
Markku Turunen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 82

Tool Integration: Experiences and Issues in Using XMI and Component Technology (Abstract)

Christian Heide Damm , University of Aarhus
Klaus Marius Hansen , University of Aarhus
Michael Thomsen , University of Aarhus
Michael Tyrsted , University of Aarhus
pp. 94

Comparative Case Study in SDL and UML (Abstract)

Philippe Leblanc , Telelogic Technologies Toulouse
Ileana Ober , Telelogic Technologies Toulouse and Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
pp. 120

An Architecture for Bridging OO and Business Process Modeling (Abstract)

Monique Snoeck , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Stephan Poelmans , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Guido Dedene , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
pp. 132
Distributed Objects

An Original View Mechanism for the CORBA Middleware (Abstract)

Olivier Caron , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
Bernard Carré , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
Laurent Debrauwer , Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
pp. 146

Operation Execution Groups: Efficient Operation Processing in Widely Distributed Object Systems (Abstract)

Christoph Hartwich , Technische Universit?t Berlin
Stefan Tai , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 157

Customization of Component-Based Object Request Brokers through Dynamic Reconfiguration (Abstract)

Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen , University of Southern Denmark at Odense
Eddy Truyen , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Wouter Joosen , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
pp. 181
Advanced Components

Extending CORBA Interfaces with p-Calculus for Protocol Compatibility (Abstract)

C. Canal , Universidad de M?laga
L. Fuentes , Universidad de M?laga
J.M. Troya , Universidad de M?laga
A. Vallecillo , Universidad de M?laga
pp. 208

Another Mediocre Assertion Mechanism for C++ (Abstract)

Pedro Guerreiro , Universidade Nova de Lisboa
pp. 226

Extending Business Objects with Business Rules (Abstract)

Isabelle Rouvellou , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Lou Degenaro , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Kevin Rasmus , Country Companies Insurance
Dave Ehnebuske , IBM Software Solutions
Barbara McKee , IBM Software Solutions
pp. 238

Behavior Inheritance for Object Lifecycles (Abstract)

Charles Lakos , University of Adelaide
Glenn Lewis , University of Tasmania
pp. 262
Aspects & Components

Distributed Separation of Concerns with Aspect Components (Abstract)

Renaud Pawlak , Laboratoire CEDRIC
Laurence Duchien , Laboratoire CEDRIC
Gerard Florin , Laboratoire CEDRIC
Lionel Seinturier , Laboratoire LIP6
pp. 276

Making UML Activity Diagrams Object-Oriented (Abstract)

Anneke Kleppe , Klasse Objecten
Jos Warmer , Klasse Objecten
pp. 288

Role Modeling for Component Design (Abstract)

Elizabeth A. Kendall , Monash University
pp. 312

UMLAUT: A Framework for Weaving UML-Based Aspect-Oriented Designs (Abstract)

Wai-Ming Ho , Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires
Francois Pennaneac'h , Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires
Noel Plouzeau , Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires
pp. 324
Application Frameworks

A Framework for Dynamic Adaptation in Wireless Environments (Abstract)

M.T. Segarra , IRISA Research Institute
F. André , IRISA Research Institute
pp. 336

SCAF: A Simple Component Architecture Framework (Abstract)

A. Rakotonirainy , University of Queensland
A. Bond , University of Queensland
J. Indulska , University of Queensland
D. Leonard , University of Queensland
pp. 359

CoDelivery: An Environment for Distribution of Reusable Components (Abstract)

Gledson Elias da Silveira , Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Silvio Lemos Meira , Federal University of Pernambuco
pp. 371

GENVIS - Model-Based Generation of Data Visualizers (Abstract)

Ansgar Bredenfeld , GMD - Institute AiS
Edmund Ihler , SYSTOR AG
Oliver Vogel , SYSTOR AG
pp. 396

Statically Checked Documentation with Design Patterns (Abstract)

Aino Cornils , University of Aarhus
Görel Hedin , Lund Institute of Technology
pp. 419

Iterators and Encapsulation (Abstract)

James Noble , Victoria University of Wellington
pp. 431

Applying a Crystal Ball to Design Pattern Adoption (Abstract)

Megan Seen , Monash University
Paul Taylor , Monash University
Martin Dick , Monash University
pp. 443

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