The Community for Technology Leaders
2018 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP) (2018)
San Fransisco, CA, US
May 21, 2018 to May 23, 2018
ISSN: 2375-1207
ISBN: 978-1-5386-4353-2

Improved Reconstruction Attacks on Encrypted Data Using Range Query Leakage (PDF)

Marie-Sarah Lacharite , Royal Holloway, University of London
Brice Minaud , Royal Holloway, University of London
Kenneth G. Paterson , Royal Holloway, University of London
pp. 1-18

On the Economics of Offline Password Cracking (PDF)

Jeremiah Blocki , Purdue University
Benjamin Harsha , Purdue University
Samson Zhou , Purdue University
pp. 35-53

FP-STALKER: Tracking Browser Fingerprint Evolutions Along Time (PDF)

Antoine Vastel , University of Lille / INRIA
Pierre Laperdrix , INSA / INRIA
Walter Rudametkin , University of Lille / INRIA
Romain Rouvoy , University of Lille / INRIA
pp. 54-67

Implementing Conjunction Obfuscation under Entropic Ring LWE (PDF)

David Bruce Cousins , Raytheon BBN Technologies
Giovanni Di Crescenzo , Applied Communication Sciences / Vencore Labs
Kamil Doruk G\"{u}r , NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kevin King , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yuriy Polyakov , NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kurt Rohloff , NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Gerard W. Ryan , NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Erkay Sava\c{s} , NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology
pp. 68-85

Sonar: Detecting SS7 Redirection Attacks With Audio-Based Distance Bounding (PDF)

Christian Peeters , University of Florida
Hadi Abdullah , University of Florida
Nolen Scaife , University of Florida
Jasmine Bowers , University of Florida
Patrick Traynor , University of Florida
Bradley Reaves , North Carolina State University
Kevin Butler , University of Florida
pp. 86-101

The Rise of the Citizen Developer: Assessing the Security Impact of Online App Generators (PDF)

Marten Oltrogge , CISPA, Saarland University
Erik Derr , CISPA, Saarland University
Christian Stransky , CISPA, Saarland University
Yasemin Acar , Leibniz University Hannover
Sascha Fahl , Leibniz University Hannover
Christian Rossow , CISPA, Saarland University
Giancarlo Pellegrino , CISPA, Saarland University, Stanford University
Sven Bugiel , CISPA, Saarland University
Michael Backes , CISPA, Saarland University
pp. 102-115

Speechless: Analyzing the Threat to Speech Privacy from Smartphone Motion Sensors (PDF)

S Abhishek Anand , University of Alabama at Birmingham
Nitesh Saxena , University of Alabama at Birmingham
pp. 116-133

Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes (PDF)

Daniel Votipka , University of Maryland
Rock Stevens , University of Maryland
Elissa Redmiles , University of Maryland
Jeremy Hu , University of Maryland
Michelle Mazurek , University of Maryland
pp. 134-151

Distance-Bounding Protocols: Verification without Time and Location (PDF)

Sjouke Mauw , CSC/SnT, University of Luxembourg
Zach Smith , CSC, University of Luxembourg
Jorge Toro-Pozo , CSC, University of Luxembourg
Rolando Trujillo-Rasua , SnT, University of Luxembourg
pp. 152-169

Anonymity Trilemma: Strong Anonymity, Low Bandwidth Overhead, Low Latency --- Choose Two (PDF)

Debajyoti Das , Purdue University
Sebastian Meiser , University College London
Esfandiar Mohammadi , ETH Zurich
Aniket Kate , Purdue University
pp. 170-188

Crowd-GPS-Sec: Leveraging Crowdsourcing to Detect and Localize GPS Spoofing Attacks (PDF)

Kai Jansen , Ruhr-University Bochum
Matthias Schäfer , University of Kaiserslautern
Daniel Moser , ETH Zurich
Vincent Lenders , armasuisse
Christina Pöpper , New York University Abu Dhabi
Jens Schmitt , University of Kaiserslautern
pp. 189-202

vRAM: Faster Verifiable RAM With Program-Independent Preprocessing (PDF)

Yupeng Zhang , University of Maryland
Daniel Genkin , University of Maryland and University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Katz , University of Maryland
Dimitrios Papadopoulos , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Charalampos Papamanthou , University of Maryland
pp. 203-220

Privacy Risks with Facebook's PII-based Targeting: Auditing a Data Broker's Advertising Interface (PDF)

Giridhari Venkatadri , Northeastern University
Yabing Liu , Northeastern University
Alan Mislove , Northeastern University
Patrick Loiseau , Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Inria, Grenoble INP, LIG and MPI-SWS
Oana Goga , Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Inria, Grenoble INP, LIG
pp. 221-239

Tracking Certificate Misissuance in the Wild (PDF)

Deepak Kumar , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Zhengping Wang , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Matthew Hyder , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Joseph Dickinson , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Gabrielle Beck , University of Michigan
David Adrian , University of Michigan
Joshua Mason , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Zakir Durumeric , University of Michigan
J. Alex Halderman , University of Michigan
Michael Bailey , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
pp. 240-253

Learning from Mutants: Using Code Mutation to Learn and Monitor Invariants of a Cyber-Physical System (PDF)

Yuqi Chen , Singapore University of Technology and Design
Christopher M. Poskitt , Singapore University of Technology and Design
Jun Sun , Singapore University of Technology and Design
pp. 254-266

Precise and Scalable Detection of Double-Fetch Bugs in OS Kernels (PDF)

Meng Xu , Georgia Institute of Technology
Chenxiong Qian , Georgia Institute of Technology
Kangjie Lu , University of Minnesota
Michael Backes , CISPA Helmholtz Center i.G.
Taesoo Kim , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 267-284
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