The Community for Technology Leaders
First International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM'03) (2003)
Brisbane, Australia
Sept. 22, 2003 to Sept. 27, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1949-0

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Keynote Speaker 1
Session 1: Testing

Supporting the Software Testing Process through Specification Animation (Abstract)

Tim Miller , University of Queensland
Paul Strooper , University of Queensland
pp. 14
Session 2: Formal Models for Security

Refinement Operators and Information Flow Security (Abstract)

Annalisa Bossi , Università Caé Foscari di Venezia
Riccardo Focardi , Università Caé Foscari di Venezia
Carla Piazza , Università Caé Foscari di Venezia
Sabina Rossi , Università Caé Foscari di Venezia
pp. 44

A Formal Model for Trust in Dynamic Networks (Abstract)

Marco Carbone , University of Aarhus
Mogens Nielsen , University of Aarhus
Vladimiro Sassone , University of Sussex
pp. 54
Keynote Speaker 2

Taming Mobile Processes Using Types (Abstract)

Davide Sangiorgi , University of Bologna
pp. 64
Session 3: Program Verification

A Partial-Correctness Semantics for Modelling Assembler Programs (Abstract)

Geoffrey Watson , University of Queensland
Colin Fidge , University of Queensland
pp. 82

Program Verification Using Change Information (Abstract)

Bernhard Beckert , Universität Karlsruhe
Peter H. Schmitt , Universität Karlsruhe
pp. 91
Keynote Speaker 3

Towards a Well-Founded UML-Based Development Method (Abstract)

Egidio Astesiano , Università di Genova
Gianna Reggio , Università di Genova
pp. 102
Session 4: Integration of Formal and Informal Methods I

Behavioral Consistency Validation of UML Diagrams (Abstract)

Boris Litvak , Tel-Aviv University and IBM Research Center, Haifa
Shmuel Tyszberowicz , Tel-Aviv University and the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo
Amiram Yehudai , Tel-Aviv University and the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo
pp. 118

Component-Based Design and Analysis: A Case Study (Abstract)

Yan Jin , University of Adelaide
Charles Lakos , University of Adelaide
Robert Esser , University of Adelaide
pp. 126
Session 5: Integration of Formal and Informal Methods II

Towards Formalizing UML State Diagrams in CSP (Abstract)

Muan Yong Ng , University of Southampton
Michael Butler , University of Southampton
pp. 138

Semantic Properties of μ-Charts (Abstract)

Doug Goldson , University of Queensland
Greg Reeve , University of Waikato
pp. 148

The Fallacy of Spec-Based Design (Abstract)

Rahul Bhatt , Intel Corporation
Dave LaFollette , Intel Corporation
Arjun Kapur , Intel Corporation
pp. 156
Session 6: Object-Oriented Modelling

Formalizing the Framework Design Language F-UML (Abstract)

Nadia Bouassida , Institut Sup?rieur d?Informatique et de Multim?dias de Sfax
Han?ne Ben-Abdallah , Gestion de Sfax
Fa?ez Gargouri , Gestion de Sfax
Abdemajid Ben Hamadou , Institut Sup?rieur d?Informatique et de Multim?dias de Sfax
pp. 164

Modelling Java Concurrency with Object-Z (Abstract)

Roger Duke , University of Queensland
Luke Wildman , University of Queensland
Brad Long , University of Queensland
pp. 173

Specification Matching of Object-Oriented Components (Abstract)

Frank Feiks , Technical University of Berlin
David Hemer , University of Queensland
pp. 182

Animation of Object-Z Specifications Using a Z Animator (Abstract)

Tim McComb , University of Queensland
Graeme Smith , University of Queensland
pp. 191
Session 7: Automated Verification

Model Checking Visual Specification of Requirements (Abstract)

Ulka Shrotri , Tata Consultancy Services
Purandar Bhaduri , Tata Consultancy Services
R. Venkatesh , Tata Consultancy Services
pp. 202

Formal Verification of ASM Designs Using the MDG Tool (Abstract)

Amjad Gawanmeh , Concordia University
Sofiène Tahar , Concordia University
Kirsten Winter , University of Queensland
pp. 210

Light-Weight Theorem Proving for Debugging and Verifying Units of Code (Abstract)

David Déharbe , LORIA & INRIA-Lorraine and DIMAp/UFRN
Silvio Ranise , LORIA & INRIA-Lorraine
pp. 220
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