The Community for Technology Leaders
2003 Symposium on Applications and the Internet, 2003. Proceedings. (2003)
Orlando, Florida
Jan. 27, 2003 to Jan. 31, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1872-9

Web vs.J2EE (PDF)

J. Williams , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
pp. 6
Panel N1: Broadband Contents Distribution Service and Technologies
Panel N2: Comparing Web Services in the NET Framework with Java's J2EE and Related Technologies
Panel N3: Concluding SAINT2003 - Towards the Next Generation Internet - Panel Chairs: Sumi Helal and Yuji Oie

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Session P1: Mobile Internet

A Generalized Target-Driven Cache Replacement Policy for Mobile Environments (Abstract)

Liangzhong Yin , The Pennsylvania State University
Guohong Cao , The Pennsylvania State University
Ying Cai , University of Central Florida
pp. 14
Session P2: Collaboration Technology I

Human-Network-based Filtering: The Information Propagation Model based on Word-of-Mouth Communication (Abstract)

Susumu TAKEUCHI , Osaka University
Junzou KAMAHARA , Kobe University of Mercantile Marine
Shinji SHIMOJO , Osaka University
Hideo MIYAHARA , Osaka University
pp. 40

Virtual Collaboration Spaces: The EVE Community (Abstract)

Ch. Bouras , Univ. of Patras, Greece
E. Giannaka , Univ. of Patras, Greece
Th. Tsiatsos , Univ. of Patras, Greece
pp. 48

Experimenting with a Flexible Awareness Management Abstraction for Virtual Collaboration Spaces (Abstract)

Ricardo Jota , INESC-ID/Technical University of Lisbon Rua Alves Redol n? 9
Jorge Martins , INESC-ID/Technical University of Lisbon Rua Alves Redol n? 9
António Rito-Silva , INESC-ID/Technical University of Lisbon Rua Alves Redol n? 9
João Pereira , INESC-ID/Technical University of Lisbon Rua Alves Redol n? 9
pp. 56
Session P3: Internet Computing Models

Demonstrating the ABELS System Using Real-World Scenarios (Abstract)

John P. Murphy , Dartmouth College
G. Ayorkor Mills-Tettey , Dartmouth College
Linda F. Wilson , Dartmouth College
Greg Johnston , Dartmouth College
Bin Xie , Dartmouth College
pp. 74

BPMM: A Grid-Based Architectural Framework for Business Process Meta Management (Abstract)

Jun-Jang Jeng , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Henry Chang , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Jen-Yao Chung , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 84
Session P4: Collaboration Technology II

The consistency control syste of XML documents (Abstract)

Osamu TORII , Toshiba Corp.
Tetsuro KIMURA , Toshiba Corp.
Junichi SEGAWA , Toshiba Corp.
pp. 102
Session P5: Internet Operation and Performance

Java Framework for Search Applications (Abstract)

Jun-jang Jeng , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Lev Kozakov , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Sophia Lumelsky , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 136
Session P6: Internet Applications

Robust Pointing by XPath Language: Authoring Support and Empirical Evaluation (Abstract)

Mari Abe , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Masahiro Hori , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
pp. 156

Identifying Junk Electronic Mail in Microsoft Outlook with a Support Vector Machine (Abstract)

Matthew Woitaszek , University of Colorado
Muhammad Shaaban , Rochester Institute of Technology
Roy Czernikowski , Rochester Institute of Technology
pp. 166
Session P7: Web Caching

A New Caching Architecture for Efficient Video-on-Demand Services on the Internet (Abstract)

Duc A. Tran , University of Central Florida
Kien A. Hua , University of Central Florida
Simon Sheu , National Tsing Hua University
pp. 172

Optimization of Performance Gain in Content Distribution Networks with Serve Replicas (Abstract)

Yingjie Li , The Ohio State University
Ming T. Liu , The Ohio State University
pp. 182

Adapted Content Delivery for Different Contexts (Abstract)

Tayeb Lemlouma , INRIA Rh?ne Alpes
Nabil Layaïda , INRIA Rh?ne Alpes
pp. 190
Session P8: Internet Security

Exploiting Pattern Relationship for Intrusion Detection (Abstract)

Ning Jiang , University of Central Florida
Kien A. Hua , University of Central Florida
JungHwan Oh , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 200

Identifying Important Features for Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks (Abstract)

Andrew H. Sung , New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Srinivas Mukkamala , New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
pp. 209
Session P9: Peer-to-Peer Models

Generic Peer-to-Peer Support for a Personal Service Platform (Abstract)

Fredrik Espinoza , Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Lucas Hinz , Swedish Institute of Computer Science
pp. 218

An Efficient Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Exploiting Hierarchy and Asymmetry (Abstract)

Gisik Kwon , Arizona State University
Kyung D. Ryu , Arizona State University
pp. 226

A Proposal of the Person-centered Approach for Personal Task Management (Abstract)

Ikki Ohmukai , The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Hideaki Takeda , National Institute of Informatics
Mitsunori Miki , Doshisha University
pp. 234
Session P10: Network Measurements and Their Applications

Certifying performance of cooperative services in a digital government framework (Abstract)

F. Arcieri , Univ. of Roma
F. Fioravanti , Univ. of L?Aquila
R. Giaccio , Univ. of Roma
E. Nardelli , Univ. of L?Aquila
M. Talamo , Univ. of Roma
pp. 249

Inferring Arrival Rate Statistics of Individual Flows from Aggregated-flow Rate Measurements (Abstract)

Masato TSURU , Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
Tetsuya TAKINE , Kyoto University
Yuji OIE , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 257
Session P11: Network and Protocol Architecture

Jini Meets UPnP: An Architecture for Jini/UPnP Interoperability (Abstract)

J. Allard , University of New Orleans
V. Chinta , University of New Orleans
S. Gundala , University of New Orleans
G. G. Richard III , University of New Orleans
pp. 268

BGP Integrity Check for the Conflict Origin AS Prefix in the Inter-domain Routing (Abstract)

Kengo Nagahashi , The University of Tokyo
Hiroshi Esaki , The University of Tokyo
Jun Murai , Keio University
pp. 276

Semantic Warnings and Feature Interaction in Call Processing Language on Internet Telephony (Abstract)

Masahide Nakamura , Nara Institute of Science and Technorogy
Pattara Leelaprute , Osaka University
Ken'ichi Matsumoto , Nara Institute of Science and Technorogy
Tohru Kikuno , Osaka University
pp. 283
Session P12: Performance Evaluation

Delay and Jitter inimization in Active Diffusion Computing (Abstract)

Seung S. Yang , Kent State University
Javed I. Khan , Kent State University
pp. 292

Enabling Compatibility Between TCP Reno and TCP Vegas (Abstract)

W. Feng , Los Alamos National Laboratory
S. Vanichpun , University of Maryland
pp. 301
Session P13: Information Retrieval and Fusion

Towards Semantics-Based Prefetching to Reduce Web Access Latency (Abstract)

Cheng-Zhong Xu , Wayne State University
Tamer I. Ibrahim , Wayne State University
pp. 318

Extracting Spatial Knowledge from the Web (Abstract)

Yasuhiko Morimoto , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Masaki Aono , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Michael E. Houle , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Kevin S. McCurley , IBM Almaden Research Center
pp. 326

ADoc-Oriented Programming (Abstract)

Santhosh Kumaran , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Prabir Nandi , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Terry Heath , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Kumar Bhaskaran , IBM Software Group
Raja Das , IBM Software Group
pp. 334
Short Papers I: E-Services

Mediating Heterogeneous Web Services (Abstract)

Paulo F. Pires , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Mário R. F. Benevides , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Marta Mattoso , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 344


Alpana Tiwari , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Rafah A. Hosn , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Stéphane H. Maes , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 348

Bilateral E-services Negotiation Under Uncertainty (Abstract)

George Yee , National Research Council Canada
Larry Korba , National Research Council Canada
pp. 352

NTM-Agent:Text Mining Agent or Net Auction (Abstract)

Yukitaka Kusumura , Osaka University
Yoshinori Hijikata , Osaka University
Shogo Nishida , Osaka University
pp. 356
Session P14: Mobile and Internet Agents

A Policy-based Mobile Agent Infrastructure (Abstract)

Rebecca Montanari , Universit? di Bologna
Gianluca Tonti , Universit? di Bologna
Cesare Stefanelli , Universit? di Ferrara
pp. 370

Implementing Role-based Interactions for Internet Agents (Abstract)

Giacomo Cabri , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Letizia Leonardi , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Franco Zambonelli , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
pp. 380
Short Papers II: Issues in Emerging Networks

A Reliable Multicast Protocol for Unidirectional Satellite Link (Abstract)

Patcharee Basu , Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Kanchana Kanchanasut , Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
pp. 390

Pixel Navigator - a Simple Mobile Internet Paradigm (Abstract)

Ping-Wen Ong , Lucent Technologies, Inc
Anil Rana , Lucent Technologies, Inc
Frederic Battaglia , Lucent Technologies, Inc
pp. 394

Out-of-Sequence in Packet Arrivals due to Layer 2 ARQ and Its Impact on TCP Performance in W-CDMA Networks (Abstract)

Hiroyuki KOGA , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Takeshi IKENAGA , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Yoshiaki HORI , Kyushu Institute of Design
Yuji OIE , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 398

Measurement and Analysis of Multimedia Application and IPv6 ADSL Internet Access Network (Abstract)

Satoshi Katsuno , TAO Tokyo Research & Operation Center
Katsuyuki Yamazaki , KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.
Takahiro Kubo , KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.
Hiroshi Esaki , The University of Tokyo
pp. 402

Web-Based Feature Reduction System: A Case Study (PDF)

Hoh Peter In , Texas A&M University
Thomas Foster , Texas A&M University
Jason Surprise , Texas A&M University
Sung-Oh Jung , Texas A&M University
Dick Simmons , Texas A&M University
Hiroko Fujihara , Hewlett Packard
pp. 406
Short Papers III: Web Related Technology

Mockup-driven Fast-prototyping Methodology for Web Applications (Abstract)

Jia Zhang , infiNET Solutions
Jen-Yao Chung , IBM Watson Research
pp. 410

Design Considerations for Hierarchical Web Proxy Server Using iSCSI (Abstract)

Hyotaek Lim , Dongseo University
David H. C. Du , University of Minnesota
pp. 414

WebDigest: Layout-preserving Visually Enhanced Web Pages (Abstract)

Junji Maeda , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Kentarou Fukuda , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Hironobu Takagi , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Chieko Asakawa , IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
pp. 418

An XML/XPath Query Language and XMark Performance Study (Abstract)

Karen C. Davis , University of Cincinnati
Yunsong Zhan , University of Cincinnati
Robert B. Davis , Miami University
pp. 422

Auhor's Index (PDF)

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