The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings 2001 Symposium on Applications and the Internet (2001)
San Diego, CA
Jan. 8, 2001 to Jan. 12, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-0942-8
Opening Session and Keynote Address
Session C1: Information Retrieval and Data Mining ?Advanced Search Method: Session Chair: TI: Hiroyuki Kawano

Feature Selection in Web Applications By ROC Inflections and Powerset Pruning (Abstract)

Frans M. Coetzee , NEC Research Institute
Eric Glover , NEC Research Institute
Steve Lawrence , NEC Research Institute
C. Lee Giles , NEC Research Institute
pp. 5

Improving Category Specific Web Search by Learning Query Modifications (Abstract)

Eric J. Glover , NEC Research Institute
Gary W. Flake , NEC Research Institute
Steve Lawrence , NEC Research Institute
Andries Kruger , NEC Research Institute
David M. Pennock , NEC Research Institute
William P. Birmingham , University of Michigan
C. Lee Giles , NEC Research Institute
pp. 23
Session C2: Agents on the Internet: Session Chair: Toru Ishida

Design and Implementation of the J-SEAL2 Mobile Agent Kernel (Abstract)

Walter Binder , CoCo Software Engineering GmbH
pp. 35
Session C3: Domain Specific Languages: Session Chair: Wojciech Cellary

Mapping between ASN.1 and XML (Abstract)

Takeshi Imamura , IBM Research
Hiroshi Maruyama , IBM Research
pp. 57
Session C4: Distributed and Parallel Applications?Scalable Services: Session Chair: Werner Vogels

The Service Grid: Supporting Scalable Heterogeneous Services in Wide-Area Networks (Abstract)

Jon B. Weissman , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Byoung-Dai Lee , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
pp. 95

A DAVIC Video-on-Demand System Based on the RTSP (Abstract)

Changwoo Jee , Sungshin University
Kang G. Shin , The University of Michigan
pp. 231
Session C5: Information Retrieval and Data Mining?Advanced Information Retrieval: Session Chair: Yoshinori Hara

An Augmented Web Space for Digital Cities (Abstract)

Kaoru Hiramatsu , NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Toru Ishida , Kyoto University
pp. 105

Internet Search Engine Freshness by Web Server Help (Abstract)

Vijay Gupta , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Roy Campbell , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 113
Session C6: Multimedia Technology: Session Chair: Klara Nahrstedt

Network-supported Rate Control Mechanism for Multicast Streaming Media (Abstract)

Kiyohide Nakauchi , The University of Tokyo
Hiroyuki Morikawa , The University of Tokyo
Tomonori Aoyama , The University of Tokyo
pp. 131

Real-Time Motion-Based Frame Estimation in Video Lossy Transmission (Abstract)

Sherif G. Aly , The George Washington University
Abdou Youssef , The George Washington University
pp. 139

Cooperative Inter-stream Rate Control Scheme for Layered Multicast (Abstract)

Masato Kawada , The University of Tokyo
Hiroyuki Morikawa , The University of Tokyo
Tomonori Aoyama , The University of Tokyo
pp. 147
Session C7: Mobile Computing: Session Chair: Dave Johnson

An Experimental Study of Adaptive Forward Error Correction for Wireless Collaborative Computing (Abstract)

Philip K. McKinley , Michigan State University
Arun P. Mani , Lucent Technologies - Bell Laboratories
pp. 157

A Subjective Survey of User Experience for Data Applications for Future Cellular Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Zhimei Jiang , AT&T Labs - Research
Hilary Mason , AT&T Labs - Research
Byoung Jo "J" Kim , AT&T Labs - Research
N. K. Shankaranarayanan , AT&T Labs - Research
Paul Henry , AT&T Labs - Research
pp. 167
Session C8: Collaboration Technology?Collaboration Support: Session Chair : Katsuo Ikeda
Session C9: Collaboration Technology?Community Support: Session Chair : Ken-ichi Okada

Community Organizer: Supporting the Formation of Network Communities through Spatial Representation (Abstract)

Koji Kamei , NTT Communication
Kunihiko Fujita , NTT Communication
Sen Yoshida , NTT Communication
Kazuhiro Kuwabara , NTT Communication
Eva Jettmar , Stanford University
pp. 207

Instant Messaging with Mobile Phones to Support Awareness (Abstract)

Madoka Mitsuoka , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Satoru Watanabe , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
June Kakuta , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Satoshi Okuyama , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
pp. 223

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