The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'06) (2006)
Kauai, Hawaii
Jan. 4, 2006 to Jan. 7, 2006
ISSN: 1530-1605
ISBN: 0-7695-2507-5

Software technology track (PDF)

Agha Gul , Champaign, IL, USA
pp. 211
Adaptive and Evolvable Software Systems: Techniques, Tools, and Applications

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Jeff Gray , University of Alabama at Birmingham
Raymond Klefstad , University of California at Irvine
Yvonne Coady , University of Victoria
pp. 212

Adaptive Self-Configuration Architecture for J2EE-Based Middleware Systems (PDF)

Yan Zhang , University of Sydney
Wei Qu , University of Sydney
Anna Liu , Microsoft Australia
pp. 213a

Evolving System Services to Meet Application Requirements (PDF)

Henry Detmold , University of Adelaide
Katrina Falkner , University of Adelaide
David S. Munro , University of Adelaide
Travis Olds , University of Adelaide
Alicia Zakarevicius , University of Adelaide
pp. 213c

Static and Dynamic Weaving in System Software with AspectC++ (PDF)

Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat , Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Daniel Lohmann , Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Fabian Scheler , Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Wasif Gilani , Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Olaf Spinczyk , Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
pp. 214a
Understanding Flexible and Distributed Software Development Processes

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Pär J. Ågerfalk , University of Limerick and Örebro University
Brian Fitzgerald , University of Limerick
pp. 215

Controls in Flexible Software Development (PDF)

Michael Harris , University of South Florida
Alan R. Hevner , University of South Florida
Rosann W. Collins , University of South Florida
pp. 216a

Risk Factors in Distributed Projects (PDF)

James M. Erickson , University of Illinois at Chicago
Roberto Evaristo , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 216c
Information Security Education and Foundational Research

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Linda Morales , Texas A&M University-Commerce
Melissa Dark , Purdue University
pp. 217

A Model for Temporal Interval Authorizations (PDF)

Francis B. Afinidad , Naval Postgraduate School
Timothy E. Levin , Naval Postgraduate School
Cynthia E. Irvine , Naval Postgraduate School
Thuy D. Nguyen , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 218a

Efficient Algorithms for Batch Re-Keying Operations in Secure Multicast (PDF)

M. H. Heydari , James Madison University
L. Morales , Texas A&M University-Commerce
I. H. Sudborough , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 218b

Assessment of Enterprise Information Security — The Importance of Information Search Cost (PDF)

Erik Johansson , Royal Institute of Technology
Mathias Ekstedt , Royal Institute of Technology
Pontus Johnson , Royal Institute of Technology
pp. 219a

Programming Education in the Era of the Internet: A Paradigm Shift (PDF)

W. Scott Harrison , University of Idaho
Nadine Hanebutte , University of Idaho
Jim Alves-Foss , University of Idaho
pp. 219b

Foundations for Security Aware Software Development Education (PDF)

Alec Yasinsac , Florida State University
J. Todd McDonald , Florida State University
pp. 219c

Experiences with Honeypot Systems: Development, Deployment, and Analysis (PDF)

Robert McGrew , Mississippi State University
Rayford B. Vaughn JR, , Mississippi State University
pp. 220a

Design and Implementation of a Multi-Use Attack-Defend Computer Security Lab (PDF)

Sergio Caltagirone , University of Idaho
Paul Ortman , University of Idaho
Sean Melton , University of Idaho
David Manz , University of Idaho
Kyle King , University of Idaho
Paul Oman , University of Idaho
pp. 220c
Peer-to-Peer Infrastructures and Applications

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Karl Aberer , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Jean-Henry Morin , University of Geneva
Aris M. Ouksel , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 222

Semantic HyperCup (PDF)

Habib Rostami , Sharif University of Technology
Jafar Habibi , Sharif University of Technology
Ali Rahnama , Sharif University of Technology
pp. 223a

Benefit and Pricing of Spatio-Temporal Information in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks (PDF)

Bo Xu , University of Illinois at Chicago
Ouri Wolfson , University of Illinois at Chicago
Naphtali Rishe , Florida International University
pp. 223b

Distributed Uniform Sampling in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks (PDF)

Asad Awan , Purdue University
Ronaldo A. Ferreira , Purdue University
Suresh Jagannathan , Purdue University
Ananth Grama , Purdue University
pp. 223c
Security and Survivability of Unbounded Networked Systems

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Axel Krings , University of Idaho
Paul Oman , University of Idaho
Azad Azadmanesh , University of Nebraska - Omaha
pp. 224

A Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (PDF)

Huaizhi Li , University of Kentucky
Mukesh Singhal , University of Kentucky
pp. 225a

Exploiting Mobile Agents for Structured Distributed Software-Implemented Fault Injection (PDF)

Thomas M. Galla , Dependable Computer Systems GmbH
Karin A. Hummel , University of Vienna
Burkhard Peer , Dependable Computer Systems GmbH
pp. 225b

Quantitative Cyber Risk Reduction Estimation Methodology for a Small SCADA Control System (PDF)

Miles A. McQueen , Idaho National Laboratory
Wayne F. Boyer , Idaho National Laboratory
Mark A. Flynn , Idaho National Laboratory
George A. Beitel , Idaho National Laboratory
pp. 226
Software Engineering Decision Support/Strategic Software Engineering

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Rick Kazman , University of Hawaii
Dan Port , University of Hawaii
Guenther Ruhe , University of Calgary
pp. 227

Defining Complexity Factors for the Architecture Evaluation Framework (PDF)

Oleksiy Mazhelis , University of Jyväskylä
Jari A. Lehto , Nokia Networks
Jouni Markkula , University of Jyväskylä
Mirja Pulkkinen , University of Jyväskylä
pp. 228b

The Influence of Checklists and Roles on Software Practitioner Risk Perception and Decision-Making (PDF)

Mark Keil , Georgia State University
Lei Li , Georgia State University
Lars Mathiassen , Georgia State University
Guangzhi Zheng , Georgia State University
pp. 229b

Using ABC Model for Software Process Improvement: A Balanced Perspective (PDF)

Han-Wen Tuan , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chia-Yi Liu , National Sun Yat-Sen University and Wenzao Ursuline College of Language
Chiou-Mei Chen , National Sun Yat-Sen University and Tajen Unversity
pp. 229c

Milestone Markets: Software Cost Estimation through Market Trading (PDF)

Donald J. Berndt , University of South Florida
Joni L. Jones , University of South Florida
Dezon Finch , University of South Florida
pp. 230a

Learning IV&V Strategies (PDF)

Marcus S. Fisher , NASA/GSFC/IV&V Facility
Tim Menzies , Portland State University
pp. 230c
Wireless Personal Area and Ad Hoc Networks

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Frank Kargl , University of Ulm
Elaine Lawrence , University of Technology - Sydney
Gergely Záruba , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 231

Bluetooth Discovery Time with Multiple Inquirers (PDF)

Brian S. Peterson , Air Force Institute of Technology
Rusty O. Baldwin , Air Force Institute of Technology
Richard A. Raines , Air Force Institute of Technology
pp. 232a

Fault Tolerance in Bluetooth Scatternet Topologies (PDF)

Leigh E. Hodge , Cardiff University
Roger M. Whitaker , Cardiff University
pp. 232b

Push-to-Talk over Bluetooth (PDF)

Valter Rönnholm , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 232c

Reliable Broadcast in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (PDF)

Mansoor Mohsin , University of Texas at Dallas
David Cavin , École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Yoav Sasson , École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Ravi Prakash , University of Texas at Dallas
André Schiper , École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
pp. 233a

Differentiated Priority Scheduling and Adaptive Segmentation for Bluetooth Piconets (PDF)

Jyothsna Kalvala , University of Texas at Arlington
Gergely Záruba , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 233b

Identification in Ad Hoc Networks (PDF)

Frank Kargl , Ulm University
Stefan Schlott , Ulm University
Michael Weber , Ulm University
pp. 233c
Wireless Sensor Networks

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Giuseppe Anastasi , University of Pisa
Edoardo Biagioni , University of Hawaii at Manoa
Stefan Olariu , Old Dominion University
pp. 234

Robust and Efficient Data Gathering for Wireless Sensor Networks (PDF)

Luca Gatani , University of Palermo
Giuseppe Lo Re , University of Palermo
Marco Ortolani , University of Palermo
pp. 235a

Biology Inspired Approach for Communal Behavior in Sensor Networks (PDF)

K. H. Jones , NASA Langley Research Center
K. N. Lodding , NASA Langley Research Center
L. Wilson , Old Dominion University
C. Xin , Norfolk State University
pp. 235b

On Scaling Distributed Low-Power Wireless Image Sensors (PDF)

Teresa H. Ko , Sandia National Laboratories
Nina M. Berry , Sandia National Laboratories
pp. 235c

Detection Performance and Energy Efficiency of Sequential Detection in a Sensor Network (PDF)

Lige Yu , University of Maryland at College Park
Anthony Ephremides , University of Maryland at College Park
pp. 236a

Energy Conserving Architectures and Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks (PDF)

Frank Comeau , Dalhousie University
Shyamala C. Sivakumar , Saint Mary?s University
William Robertson , Dalhousie University
William J. Phillips , Dalhousie University
pp. 236c

Processing of Data Streams with Prediction Functions (PDF)

Sergio Ilarri , University of Zaragoza
Ouri Wolfson , University of Illinois at Chicago
Eduardo Mena , University of Zaragoza
Arantza Illarramendi , University of the Basque Country
Naphtali Rishe , Florida International University
pp. 237a

Construction and Maintenance of a Cluster-Based Architecture for Sensor Networks (PDF)

Jiro Uchida , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Islam A.K.M. Muzahidul , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Yoshiaki Katayama , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Wei Chen , Tennessee State University
Koichi Wada , Nagoya Institute of Technology
pp. 237c
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