The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'06) (2006)
Kauai, Hawaii
Jan. 4, 2006 to Jan. 7, 2006
ISSN: 1530-1605
ISBN: 0-7695-2507-5
Competitive Strategy, Economics and IS

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Eric K. Clemons , University of Pennsylvania
Rajiv M. Dewan , University of Rochester
Robert J. Kauffman , University of Minnesota
pp. 164

The Economics of Software Upgrades throughout the Product Life Cycle (PDF)

Amit Mehra , University of Rochester
Abraham Seidmann , University of Rochester
pp. 165c

The Impact of Financial Market and Resale Market on Firm Strategies (PDF)

Zhiling Guo , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Andrew B. Whinston , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 166b

Using IT to Open Previously Unprofitable Markets (PDF)

Kurt DeMaagd , University of Michigan
Scott Moore , University of Michigan
pp. 166c

The Impact of Information in Electronic Auctions: An Analysis of Buy-It-Now Auctions (PDF)

Byungjoon Yoo , Korea University
Kevin Ho , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kar Yan Tam , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 167a

Antecedents of Business Process Outsourcing in Manufacturing Plants (PDF)

Indranil R. Bardhan , University of Texas at Dallas
Jonathan Whitaker , University of Michigan
Sunil Mithas , University of Maryland
pp. 168a

Optimizing an IT Project Portfolio with Time-Wise Interdependencies (PDF)

Indranil R. Bardhan , University of Texas at Dallas
Robert J. Kauffman , University of Minnesota
Sanjeewa Naranpanawe , University of Alabama
pp. 168b

Systems Design, Process Performance and Economic Outcomes (PDF)

Prabu Davamanirajan , J. P. Morgan Chase
Robert J. Kauffman , University of Minnesota
Charles H. Kriebel , Carnegie Mellon University
Tridas Mukhopadhyay , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 168c
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Barbara Wixom , University of Virginia
Hugh J. Watson , University of Georgia
pp. 169

An Efficient Algorithm for Real-Time Frequent Pattern Mining for Real-Time Business Intelligence Analytics (PDF)

Rajanish Dass , Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Ambuj Mahanti , Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
pp. 170b
Developing Value through Organizational and Inter-Organizational Alignment

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Deb Armstrong , University of Arkansas
H. James Nelson , Southern Illinois University
Kay M. Nelson , Southern Illinois University
Vernon J. Richardson , University of Arkansas
pp. 171

IT Business Alignment and IT Usage in Operational Processes: A Retail Banking Case (PDF)

Heinz-Theo Wagner , J. W. Goethe-University
Daniel Beimborn , J. W. Goethe-University
Jochen Franke , J. W. Goethe-University
Tim Weitzel , J. W. Goethe-University
pp. 172c
End Users in Information Systems Development: Perceptions, Involvement, Practice and Implications

Varieties of User-Centeredness (PDF)

Juhani Iivari , University of Oulu
Netta Iivari , University of Oulu
pp. 176a
Enterprise Architecting: Theory, Practice and Challenges

Enterprise Architecture: A Social Network Perspective (PDF)

David Dreyfus , Boston University
Bala Iyer , Boston University
pp. 178a

On the Syntax and Semantics of Architectural Principles (PDF)

?sa Lindstr? , Royal Institute of Technology
pp. 178b

Optimal Design of E-Commerce Site Infrastructure from a Business Perspective (PDF)

Jacques Sauvé , Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Filipe Marques , Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Antão Moura , Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Marcus Sampaio , Hewlett-Packard-Brazil
João Jornada , Hewlett-Packard-Brazil
Eduardo Radziuk , Hewlett-Packard-Brazil
pp. 178c

A Case Study in SOA and Re-architecture at Company ABC (PDF)

I. Wong-Bushby , New Jersey Institute of Technology
R. Egan , New Jersey Institute of Technology
C. Isaacson , Rogue Wave
pp. 179b

SeamCAD: Object-Oriented Modeling Tool for Hierarchical Systems in Enterprise Architecture (PDF)

Lam-Son Lê , Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Alain Wegmann , Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
pp. 179c
ERP/EAI System Issues and Answers: A Research Journey
Implementation and Usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Frederick J. Riggins , University of Minnesota
pp. 183

RFID Application in Hospitals: A Case Study on a Demonstration RFID Project in a Taiwan Hospital (PDF)

Shang-Wei Wang , National Taiwan University
Wun-Hwa Chen , National Taiwan University
Chorng-Shyong Ong , National Taiwan University
Li Liu , Taipei Medical University
Yun-Wen Chuang , National Taiwan University
pp. 184a

A Taxonomy for RFID (PDF)

Taimur Hassan , Claremont Graduate University
Samir Chatterjee , Claremont Graduate University
pp. 184b
IS in Global Business

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Christopher P. Holland , Manchester Business School
Pieter Ribbers , Tilburg University
pp. 185

The Tacit Liaison between Networkability and Supply Chain Performance (PDF)

Martin Smits , Tilburg University
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel , Tilburg University
Wim Huisman , Avans University of Professional Education
pp. 186c
Innovation and Innovation Management

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Desai Narasimhalu , Singapore Management University
pp. 188

Understanding Patterns of Technology Evolution: An Ecosystem Perspective (PDF)

Gediminas Adomavicius , University of Minnesota
Jesse Bockstedt , University of Minnesota
Alok Gupta , University of Minnesota
Robert J. Kauffman , University of Minnesota
pp. 189a
IT and Project Managemen

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Joseph Weiss , Bentley College
Sue Newell , Bentley College
Jacky Swan , Warwick University
pp. 190

Storytelling as Method for Sharing Knowledge across IT Projects (PDF)

Lene Nielsen , Copenhagen Business School
Sabine Madsen , Copenhagen Business School
pp. 191a

Implementing New Management Initiatives in Project-Based Environments: The Role of Organizational Practices and Power Dynamics (PDF)

Anna Goussevskaia , Warwick Business School/Fundação Dom Cabral
Harry Scarbrough , Warwick Business School
Jacky Swan , Warwick Business School
Michael Bresnen , Warwick Business School
pp. 191b

The Ostensive and Performative Effects of a Formal IT-Based Process for New Product Development (PDF)

J. Tidd , University of Sussex
M. Hales , University of Sussex
J. K. Whyte , Imperial College London
pp. 191c

An Autoethnographic Account of Knowledge Creation: Seeing and Feeling Knowledge Creation in Project Teams (PDF)

Sue Newell , Bentley College
Susan Adams , Bentley College
Marcy Crary , Bentley College
Pricilla Glidden , Bentley College
Vicki LaFarge , Bentley College
Aaron Nurick , Bentley College
pp. 192b

The Role of Perceived Control, Attention-Shaping, and Expertise in IT Project Risk Assessment (PDF)

Stephen Du , Georgia State University
Mark Keil , Georgia State University
Lars Mathiassen , Georgia State University
Yide Shen , Georgia State University
Amrit Tiwana , Iowa State University
pp. 192c
IT Governance and Its Mechanisms

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Wim Van Grembergen , University of Antwerp
pp. 193

Attempting to Define IT Governance: Wisdom or Folly? (PDF)

Phyl Webb , University of Tasmania
Carol Pollard , University of Tasmania
Gail Ridley , University of Tasmania
pp. 194a

An Empirical Study on Business/ICT Alignment in European Organisations (PDF)

Bjorn Cumps , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Stijn Viaene , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
Guido Dedene , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and University of Amsterdam
Jacques Vandenbulcke , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
pp. 195a

On How the Feasibility Study Is Influenced by an ICT Project?s Main Trigger (PDF)

Koen Milis , University of Tilburg and EHSAL
Stijn Viaene , Catholic University of Louvain
Pieter Ribbers , University of Tilburg
pp. 197a

IT Projects: Conflict, Governance, and Systems Thinking (PDF)

David Johnstone , Victoria University of Wellington
Sid Huff , Victoria University of Wellington
Beverley Hope , Victoria University of Wellington
pp. 197b
Outsourcing of Information Systems

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Benoit Aubert , HEC Montréal
Suzanne Rivard , HEC Montr?al and CIRANO
Wendy L. Currie , University of Warwick
pp. 198

Offshore Software Projects: Assessing the Effect of Knowledge Transfer Requirements and ISD Capability (PDF)

S. Balaji , Indiana University
Manju K. Ahuja , Indiana University
C. Ranganathan , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 199a

Project Management Capabilities: Key to Application Development Offshore Outsourcing (PDF)

James M. Erickson , University of Illinois at Chicago
C. Ranganathan , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 199b

Impact of IT Service Provider Process Capabilities on Service Provider Performance: An Empirical Study (PDF)

Matthew Swinarski , Penn State University
Rajiv Kishore , The State University of New York at Buffalo
H. Raghav Rao , The State University of New York at Buffalo
pp. 199c

A New Instrument to Measure the Success of IT Outsourcing (PDF)

Tomi Dahlberg, , Helsinki School of Economics
Mari Nyrhinen , Helsinki School of Economics
pp. 200a

Game Theoretical Analysis of Cooperative Sourcing Scenarios (PDF)

Daniel Beimborn , J. W. Goethe University
Hermann-Josef Lamberti , Deutsche Bank AG
Tim Weitzel , J. W. Goethe University
pp. 200c
Research Methods and Applications

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Sajda Qureshi , University of Nebraska Omaha
Doug Vogel , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 201

Using Social Network Analysis to Test an IT-Enabled Business Process Reengineering Theory (PDF)

Nik R. Hassan , University of Minnesota Duluth
Tom C. Richards , University of North Texas
Jack D. Becker , University of North Texas
pp. 202a

PLS, Small Sample Size, and Statistical Power in MIS Research (PDF)

Dale Goodhue , University of Georgia
William Lewis , Louisiana Tech University
Ron Thompson , Wake Forest University
pp. 202b

Is Information Systems a Reference Discipline? (PDF)

Sridhar P. Nerur , University of Texas at Arlington
RadhaKanta Mahapatra , University of Texas at Arlington
Venugopal Balijepally , Prairie View A & M University
George Mangalaraj , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 203
Social Issues in Organizations

Minitrack Introduction (PDF)

Donald L. Amoroso , Appalachian State University
pp. 204

An Anshin Model for the Evaluation of the Sense of Security (PDF)

Yuko Murayama , Iwate Prefectural University
Natsuko Hikage , Iwate Prefectural University
Carl Hauser , Washington State University
Basabi Chakraborty , Iwate Prefectural University
Norihisa Segawa , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 205a

The Impact of Electronic Monitoring on Hazard Communications (PDF)

Carolyn F. Holton , University of South Florida
Robert M. Fuller , University of South Florida
pp. 205c

An Experimental Study of the Factors Influencing Non-Work Related Use of IT Resources at Workplace (PDF)

Dong Zhang , National University of Singapore
Lih-Bin Oh , National University of Singapore
Hock-Hai Teo , National University of Singapore
pp. 206a

Organizational Transformation through Business Models: A Framework for Business Model Design (PDF)

Peter Keen , Delft University of Technology
Sajda Qureshi , University of Nebraska Omaha
pp. 206b

Ethical Decision-Making in an IT Context: The Roles of Personal Moral Philosophies and Moral Intensity (PDF)

Carlos Alberto Dorantes , University of Texas at San Antonio
Barbara Hewitt , University of Texas at San Antonio
Tim Goles , University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 206c

Affective Quality and Cognitive Absorption: Extending Technology Acceptance Research (PDF)

Ping Zhang , Syracuse University
Na Li , Syracuse University
Heshan Sun , Syracuse University
pp. 207a

Computer-Based Training and Assessments: An Exploratory Study of Social Factors (PDF)

Scott Schneberger , Appalachian State University
Donald L. Amoroso , Appalachian State University
Antonina Durfee , Appalachian State University
pp. 207b
Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology

A Diagnostic for Exploring IT Alignment as a Strategic Weapon (PDF)

Joseph W. Weiss , Bentley College
Alan Thorogood , University of Sydney and University of New South Wales
pp. 209c
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