The Community for Technology Leaders
Thirty-First Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences-Volume 1 (1998)
Kohala Coast, HI
Jan. 6, 1998 to Jan. 9, 1998
ISSN: 1060-3425
ISBN: 0-8186-8233-7

Preface (PDF)

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Introduction (PDF)

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Reviewers (PDF)

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New Curriculum and Courses: Developing Real World Experience
Group Support Systems

An Analysis of the Effects of Mode of Communication on Group Decision Making (PDF)

Jerry Fjermestad , New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr Roxanne Hiltz , New Jersey Institute of Technology
pp. 17

An Environment for Cooperative Software Development Realization and Implications (PDF)

Josef Altmann , C. Doppler Laboratory for Software Engineering
Rainer Weinreich , C. Doppler Laboratory for Software Engineering
pp. 27

Non-Networked Group Decision Support System: Effects of Devil's Advocacy and Dialectical Inquiry (PDF)

M A Quaddus , Curtin University of Technology
L L Tung , Nanyang Technological University
L Chin , Nanyang Technological University
P P Seow , Nanyang Technological University
G C Tan , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 38

Beyond Media Richness: An Empirical Test of Media Synchronicity Theory (PDF)

Alan R. Dennis , University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Joseph S. Valacich , Washington State University
Cheri Speier , University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Michael G. Morris , Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton, OH
pp. 48

Mum's Not the Word! An Investigation of the Effects of a Group Support System on a Men's Counseling Group (PDF)

Mark W. Huber , The Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy
Alan R. Dennis , The Terry College of Business
pp. 58
Distributed GSS

Supporting Distributed Team-building Using GSS: A Dialogue Theory-based Framework (PDF)

W. Huang , National University of Singapore
K.K. Wei , National University of Singapore
L.H. Lim , National University of Singapore
B. Bostrom , The University of Georgia
R.T. Watson , The University of Georgia
pp. 98

The Media Coexistence Approach: Organizational and Individual Determinants of Media Choice in Singapore (PDF)

Laku Chidambaram , University of Hawaii
Lai Huat Lim , National University of Singapore
Hock Chuan Chan , National University of Singapore
pp. 118
Organizational Memory

An Organizational Memory Information Systems Success Model: An Extension of DeLone and McLean's I/S Success Model (PDF)

Murray Jennex , Edison International and University of Phoenix
Lorne Olfman , Claremont Graduate University
Pituma Panthawi , Claremont Graduate University
Yong-Tae Park , Claremont Graduate University
pp. 157

Structuring Feedback for Groupware Use: Memory Based Awareness (PDF)

Gloria Mark , GMD-FIT
Alex Bordetsky , California State University Hayward
pp. 184

Collaboration Technology - Theory And Methodology (PDF)

M. Turoff , New Jersey Institute of Technology, Computer and Information Science
pp. 350
Organizational Memory
The Dynamics of Business Systems Engineering

Framework for Performance Engineering of Workflows: A Blood Bank Case Study (PDF)

Gunnar Brataas , Telenor R&D
Peter H. Hughes , Modicum Ltd
Arne Solvberg , Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
pp. 230

Workflow Optimization through Task Redesign in Business Information Processes (PDF)

Rajiv Dewan , Simon School of Business
Abraham Seidmann , Simon School of Business
Zhiping Walter , University of Connecticut
pp. 240
Negotiation Support Systems Frameworks, Implementations and Evaluations

Calibrating Trust to Integrate Intelligent Agents into Human Teams (PDF)

Katia P. Sycara , Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Lewis , University of Pittsburgh
Terri Lenox , University of Pittsburgh
Linda Roberts , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 263
Technology-Supported Learning

Effects of Hypertext on Knowledge Construction (PDF)

Mohamed Khalifa , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 294

GSS for Jury Deliberations: Applying Technology in the High School Courtroom (PDF)

Melissa Sue Glynn , University of Arizona
Jeannette Quintana , University of Arizona
Debra Cunningham , Cholla Magnet High School
Sam Cooper , Cholla Magnet High School
pp. 309
Asynchronous Learning Networks ("ALN's")

Application of Technology and Asynchronous Learning Networks in Large Lecture Classes (PDF)

M. Thoennessen , Michigan State University
E. Kashy , Michigan State University
Y. Tsai , Michigan State University
N. E. Davis , Michigan State University
pp. 321

Development and Implementation of a Web-enabled CyberCollaboratory for Asynchronous Teams (Web-CCAT) (PDF)

Donna Dufner , University of Illinois at Springfield
Ojoung Kwon , University of Illinois at Springfield
Rassule Hadidi , University of Illinois at Springfield
pp. 330
Collaboration Technology — Theory & Methodology

Measuring Disagreement in Groups Facing Limited Choice Problems (PDF)

Brian Whitworth , Manukau Institute of Technology
Roy Felton , Manukau Institute of Technology
pp. 351

Theorizing about Group Support Systems (PDF)

Ajaz R. Rana , New Jersey Center for Multimedia Research Computer and Information Science
Murray Turoff , New Jersey Institute of Technology
pp. 380
The Adoption and Diffusion of Collaborative Systems and Technology

The Decision to Telework: A Synthesized Model (PDF)

Stanley D. Clark Ii , Claremont Graduate University
pp. 393

An Integrated Model on the Adoption of Internet for Commercial Purposes (PDF)

Lai-Huat Lim , National University of Singapore
Binnie Gan , National University of Singapore
Kwok-Kee Wei , National University of Singapore
pp. 403

A Cross-National Comparison of the Adoption of BPR: An Interactive Perspective (PDF)

Sue Newell , University of Warwick
Jacky Swan , University of Warwick
Maxine Robertson , Coventry University
pp. 434
GSS for Learning

Effect of GSS on Meaningful Learning (PDF)

Ron Chi-Wai Kwok , City University of Hong Kong
Mohamed Khalifa , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 463

GSS and Learning Research: A Review and Assessment of the Early Studies (PDF)

Craig K. Tyran , Oregon State University
Morgan Shepherd , University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
pp. 470

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): A Web-Based Collaborative Learning System (PDF)

Charles Y. Y. Cheng , The University of Hong Kong
Jerome Yen , The University of Hong Kong
pp. 480
Group Support Systems Userb Experiences

Group Support Systems: A Cornucopia of Research Opportunities (PDF)

Robert O. Briggs , University of Arizona
Jay F. Nunamaker Jr , University of Arizona
Nicholas C. Romano Jr , University of Arizona
Bruce A. Reinig , HK University of Science & Technology
Ralph R. Sprague Jr , University of Hawaii
pp. 495

A New Driving Force behind Capacity Building in Africa: Group Support Systems (PDF)

Gert-Jan de Vreede , Delft University of Technology
Noel Jones , Capacity Building International
Rabson Mgaya , University of Dar es Salaam
pp. 505

An Evolution to a CSCW Design Methodology (PDF)

Igor Hawryszkiewycz , University of Technology, Sydney
pp. 536

A Generic System for Web-Based Group Interaction (PDF)

Karin Schmidt , DaimlerBenz AG
Peter Manhart , DaimlerBenz AG
Johannes Bumiller , DaimlerBenz AG
pp. 545

What's the Problem? (PDF)

Stephanie Ottenheijm , KPMG Management Consulting
Michiel Van Genuchten , S&P Consulting
Jac Geurts , Katholieke Universiteit Brabant
pp. 555

Using GSSs to Support Error Detection in Software Specifications (PDF)

Arno Vermunt , Tilburg University
Martin Smits , Tilburg University
Gert Van der Pijl , Tilburg University
Rini Van Solingen , Eindhoven University of Technology
pp. 566

The Impact of EMS Support on Inspections; Description of an Experiment (PDF)

Rini Van Solingen , Eindhoven University of Technology
Rob Kusters , Eindhoven University of Technology
Michiel Van Genuchten , Van Meursstraat 33
pp. 575

Using Group Support Systems for Program Evaluation in a State Agency (PDF)

L. Floyd Lewis , College of Business & Economics
Meg VanSchoorl , Washington State Department of Agriculture
pp. 613

Simulation Support for Organizational Coordination (PDF)

Daniel T.T. Van Eijck , Krekel van der Woerd Wouterse BV
Gert-Jan de Vreede , Delft University of Technology
pp. 633

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pp. 653
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