The Community for Technology Leaders
Application-Specific Software Engineering and Technology, IEEE Workshop on (2000)
Richardson Texas
Mar. 24, 2000 to Mar. 25, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0559-7
Keynote Session
Panel Session
Paper Session: Web-Based and Internet Technologies, Chair: Sukumaran Nair, Southern Methodist University

Designing User Interface for Web Interactive Systems (Abstract)

Antonio M. da Silva Filho , Federal University of Pernambuco
Roberto S.M. de Barros , Federal University of Pernambuco
Hans K.E. Liesenberg , State University of Campinas
pp. 9
Paper Session: Wireless Systems, Chair: Victor Winter, Sandia National Labs

Load-Balancing Clusters in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Alan D. Amis , University of Texas at Dallas
Ravi Prakash , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 25
Paper Session: Testing Techniques, Chair: Sighatama S. Iyengar, Louisiana State University

Augmenting Sequence Constraints in Z and its Application to Testing (Abstract)

W. T. Tsai , University of Minnesota
Vishal Agarwal , University of Minnesota
Baisu Huang , University of Minnesota
Raymond Paul , OASD Y2K Office
pp. 41

Regressive Model Approach to the Generation of Test Trajectories (Abstract)

Brian J. Taylor , Institute for Software Research
Bojan Cukic , West Virginia University
pp. 49

Predicting Testability of Program Modules Using a Neural Network (Abstract)

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
Edward B. Allen , Florida Atlantic University
Zhiwei Xu , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 57
Industrial Session: Techniques for Creating Dependable Software/Systems, Chair: W. Eric Wong, Telecordia

A Toolsuite for Testing Real-Time Ada Applications (Abstract)

Yann-Hang Lee , University of Florida
YoungJoon Byun , University of Florida
Ji Xiao , University of Florida
Okehee Goh , University of Florida
W. Eric Wong , Telcordia Technologies
Alice Lee , NASA
pp. 65

Analysis of a Multi-Layer Fault-Tolerant COTS Architecture for Deep Space Missions (Abstract)

Savio N. Chau , California Institute of Technology
Leon Alkalai , California Institute of Technology
Ann T. Tai , IA Tech, Inc.
pp. 70
Paper Session: Software Reuse, Requirement, and Quality Prediction, Chair: Bojan Cukic, University of West Virginia

An Application of Fuzzy Clustering to Software Quality Prediction (Abstract)

Xiaohong Yuan , Florida Atlantic University
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
Edward B. Allen , Florida Atlantic University
K. Ganesan , Microsoft Corp.
pp. 85

Composing Requirements for Goal-Oriented System Behaviors Using an Extended Form of Use Case (Abstract)

Y. Lee , University of Missouri-Kansas City
J. Ryoo , University of Missouri-Kansas City
J.F. Stach , University of Missouri-Kansas City
E.K. Park , University of Missouri-Kansas City
pp. 91

A Black Box Framework for an Application Protocol Stack (Abstract)

Alberto Conte , ALCATEL, Corporate Research Center
Laurent-Philippe Anquetil , ALCATEL, Corporate Research Center
pp. 96
Keynote Session
Panel Session: Software Reuse in Practice

Practical Software Reuse (PDF)

William B. Frakes , Virginia Tech
pp. 115

Software Product Line Reuse in Practice (Abstract)

Charles W. Krueger , BigLever Software, Inc.
pp. 117

COTS Integration: Essential for Network Engineering (Abstract)

Srihari Palangala , Arizona State University
Sourav Bhattacharya , Arizona State University
pp. 121
Paper Session: Systems Techniques for Communication Networks, Chair: Biao Chen, University of Texas at Dallas

QoS Measures and Implementations Based on Various Models for Real-Time Communications (Abstract)

Jiangfeng Ding , University of Notre Dame
Michael Kirkpatrick , University of Notre Dame
Edwin H.-M. Sha , University of Notre Dame
pp. 125

Gateway Routing: A Cluster Based Mechanism for Recovery from Mobile Host Partitioning in Cellular Networks (Abstract)

Sudarshan Raghunathan , University of Texas at Dallas
S. Venkatesan , University of Texas at Dallas
Ravi Prakash , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 135
Paper Session: Application-Specific Modeling and Evaluation Techniques, Chair: S. Venkatesan, University of Texas at Dallas

Improved Testing Using Failure Cost and Intensity Profiles (Abstract)

Simeon Ntafos , University of Texas at Dallas
Vladlena Poceciun-Benson , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 143

FingerPrint Registration Using Genetic Algorithms (Abstract)

Hany H. Ammar , West Virginia University
Yongyi Tao , West Virginia University
pp. 148

A Dynamic Memory Measuring Tool for C++ Programs (Abstract)

Woo Hyong Lee , Illinois Institute of Technology
J. Morris Chang , Illinois Institute of Technology
Yusuf Hasan , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 155
Paper Session: Specialized Systems and Software Engineering Techniques, Chair: Ravi Prakesh, University of Texas at Dallas

Automating the Development of Pattern-Oriented Designs for Application Specific Software Systems (Abstract)

Sherif M. Yacoub , West Virginia University
Hengyi Xue , West Virginia University
Hany H. Ammar , West Virginia University
pp. 163

Issues in Realization of an Execution Time Analyzer for Distributed Real-Time Objects (Abstract)

K.H. (Kane) Kim , University of California at Irvine
Lynn Choi , University of California at Irvine
Moon Hae Kim , Konkuk University
pp. 171

How to Manage Real-Time Transactions in Non-Strict Context (Abstract)

Samia Saad-Bouzefrane , Universite du Bavre
Bruno Sadeg , Universite du Bavre
pp. 179

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