The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings 1995 Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (1995)
Brisbane, Australia
Dec. 6, 1995 to Dec. 9, 1995
ISBN: 0-8186-7171-8

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Keynote Addresses
Session 1A: Testing I

Event Interactions Graph for Test-case Generation of Concurrent Programs (Abstract)

Tetsuro Katayama , Kyushu University
Zengo Furukawa , Kyushu University
Kazuo Ushijima , Kyushu University
pp. 29
Session 1B: Requirements Modelling

From Scenarios to Timed Automata: Building Specifications from Users Requirements (Abstract)

Stephane Some , DIRO, University of Montreal
Rachida Dssouli , DIRO, University of Montreal
Jean Vaucher , DIRO, University of Montreal
pp. 48

Expressing Inter-Perspective Relationships: A Logical Approach (Abstract)

Laurent Perrussel , Universite Toulouse I - CERISS, Place Anatole France
pp. 58

Building the Structure of Specification Documents from Utterances of Requirements Elicitation Meetings (Abstract)

Nobuyuki Miura , NTT Software Laboratories
Haruhiko Kaiya , Japan Advanced Instiute of Science and Techonology
Motoshi Saeki , Tokyo Institute of Techonology
pp. 64
Session 1C: Concurrency

Two Dimensional Concurrent Program Debugging (Abstract)

Lu Xu , Purdue University
Michal Young , Purdue University
pp. 76

Reasoning about Concurrent Objects (Abstract)

Heinz W. Schmidt , Monash University
Jian Chen , Monash University
pp. 86

An Efficient Debugging Method for Message-based Parallel Programs using Static Analysis Information (Abstract)

Hyun Seop Bae , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Yong Rae Kwon , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Hyeon Soo Kim , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
pp. 96
Session 2A: Object-Oriented Development

Class Exerciser: A Basic CASE Tool for Object-Oriented Development (Abstract)

Chien-Min Wang , Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
Y. S. Kuo , Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
pp. 108

A Reorganization Framework of the Object-Oriented Class Hierarchy (Abstract)

Suk-hyung Hwang , Osaka University
Yoshihiro Tsujino , Osaka University
Nobuki Tokura , Osaka University
pp. 117

A Survey of Experiences amongst Object-Oriented Practitioners (Abstract)

John Daly , University of Strathclyde
James Miller , University of Strathclyde
Andrew Brooks , University of Strathclyde
Marc Roper , University of Strathclyde
Murray Wood , University of Strathclyde
pp. 137
Session 2B: Software Process
Session 2C: Distributed Systems

A Hierarchical Framework for Designing Reliable Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Wilson C. H. Cheng , The University of Queensland
Xiaohua Jia , The University of Queensland
pp. 180

Evolutional Agents: Field Oriented Programming Language, Flage (Abstract)

Fumihiro Kumeno , Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
Yasuyuki Tahara , Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
Akihiko Ohsuga , Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
Shinichi Honiden , Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
pp. 189

Toward Software Metrics for Distributed Software (Abstract)

Woei-Jiunn Tsaur , National Taiwan Institute of Technology
Shi-Jinn Horng , National Taiwan Institute of Technology
pp. 209
Session 3A: Testing II

On the Analysis of Subdomain Testing Strategies (Abstract)

T. Y. Chen , University of Melbourne
H. Leung , New Mexico State University
Y. T. Yu , University of Melbourne
pp. 218

An Enhanced Zero-One Optimal Path Set Selection Method (Abstract)

Chyan-Goei Chung , National Chiao Tung University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
Jen-Gaw Lee , National Chiao Tung University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
pp. 225

Testing of Object-Oriented Programs Based on Finite State Machines (Abstract)

Hyoung Seok Hong , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Yong Rae Kwon , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Sung Deok Cha , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 234
Session 3B: Development Environments I

Modelling Systems that Integrate Programming Language and Environment Mechanisms (Abstract)

Keith J. Ransom , The Flinders University of South Australia
Chris D. Marlin , The Flinders University of South Australia
pp. 274
Session 3C: Formal Methods

Animating Z: Interactivity, Transparency and Equivalence (Abstract)

Mark Utting , The University of Queensland
pp. 294

Living with Free Type and Class Union (Abstract)

Jin Song Dong , University of Queensland
pp. 304
Session 4A: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Teaching Software Quality and Leadership: Experiences and Successes (Abstract)

Judy Bamberger , RESULTS - Partners in Process Improvement
James Hook , Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
pp. 333
Session 4C: The Specification Process; Maintenance

A Maintenance Support System based on High-Level Control-Flow and Data Dependency (Abstract)

Akihiko Matsuo , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Sanya Uehara , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Minako Kimura , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
pp. 390
Session 5A: Development Environments II
Session 5B: Information Systems Design and Management

Re-engineering 4GL-based Information System Applications (Abstract)

John V. Harrison , University of Queensland
Paul A. Bailes , University of Queensland
Anthony Berglas , University of Queensland
Ian Peake , University of Queensland
pp. 448

An Integrated Approach to IS modeling (Abstract)

David Leadbetter , University of Queensland
pp. 458

Integration of Software Process Management and Development History Recording (Abstract)

Stefan Dissmann , University of Dortmund
Volker Gruhn , LION GmbH, Universitaetsstrasse 140
Dirk Ohrndorf , LION GmbH, Universitaetsstrasse 140
pp. 468
Session 5C: Reasoning and Verification

Soft Typing of General First-Order Languages (Abstract)

H. Becht , The University of Queensland
J. Staples , The University of Queensland
pp. 480

Reasoning about Object-Z Specifications (Abstract)

Graeme Smith , University of Queensland
pp. 489
Panel Session

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