The Community for Technology Leaders
AGILE Conference (2006)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 23, 2006 to July 28, 2006
ISBN: 0-7695-2562-8

AGILE 2006 (PDF)

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Agile 2006 Research Papers (PDF)

Frank Maurer , University of Calgary, Canada
Grigori Melnik , University of Calgary, Canada
pp. 3
Agile Value and Estimation

AgileEVM - Earned Value Management in Scrum Projects (Abstract)

Tamara Sulaiman , SolutionsIQ
Brent Barton , SolutionsIQ
Thomas Blackburn , InfoTech, Inc.
pp. 7-16
Agile Value and Estimation
Test-Based Specifications and Refactoring

Executable Acceptance Tests for Communicating Business Requirements: Customer Perspective (Abstract)

Grigori Melnik , University of Calgary, Canada
Frank Maurer , University of Calgary, Canada
Mike Chiasson , Lancaster University, UK
pp. 35-46

Agile 2006 Research Papers (PDF)

F. Maurer , University of Calgary, Canada
pp. 3
Test-Based Specifications and Refactoring

Refactoring with Contracts (Abstract)

Maayan Goldstein , Tel Aviv University, Israel
Yishai A. Feldman , The Interdisciplinary Center, Israel
Shmuel Tyszberowicz , The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel
pp. 53-64
Cognitive Aspects of Customer Communication

The Role of Story Cards and the Wall in XP teams: A Distributed Cognition Perspective (Abstract)

Helen Sharp , The Open University, UK
Hugh Robinson , The Open University, UK
Judith Segal , The Open University, UK
Dominic Furniss , University College London, UK
pp. 65-75

A Case Study on the Impact of Customer Communication on Defects in Agile Software Development. (Abstract)

Mikko Korkala , University of Oulu, Finland
Pekka Abrahamsson , VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Pekka Kyllönen , VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
pp. 76-88
Reflections on Agile Approaches

Critical Personality Traits in Successful Pair Programming (Abstract)

Joseph Chao , Bowling Green State University, USA
Gulgunes Atli , Bowling Green State University, USA
pp. 89-93

What Lessons Can the Agile Community Learn from A Maverick Fighter Pilot? (Abstract)

Steve Adolph , University of British Columbia, Canada
pp. 94-99

Reflections on Reflection in Agile Software Development (Abstract)

David Talby , MAMDAS, Israel
Orit Hazzan , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Yael Dubinsky , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Arie Keren , MAMDAS, Israel
pp. 100-112
Agile Stories

The Deployment Production Line (Abstract)

Jez Humble , ThoughtWorks Limited
Chris Read , ThoughtWorks Limited
Dan North , ThoughtWorks Limited
pp. 113-118

The Cost of Code Quality (Abstract)

Yuri Khramov , Apple Computer Inc.
pp. 119-125
Depth of Experience

The Agile Marathon (Abstract)

Bob Schatz , Solstice Software
Ibrahim Abdelshafi , Primavera Systems
pp. 139-146

A Tale of Two Projects (Abstract)

Rod Coffin , Valtech
pp. 155-164

The Pairing Session as the Atomic Unit of Work (Abstract)

Troy Frever , Smilebox, Inc.
Paul Ingalls , Smilebox, Inc.
pp. 165-169

Introduction: Experience Reports (PDF)

J. Shore , Titanium I.T.
pp. 135

Value Based Extreme Programming (Abstract)

Monica Yap , WDSGlobal, USA
pp. 175-184
Large Companies

Ssh! We Are Adding a Process... (Abstract)

Mark Striebeck , Google Inc.
pp. 185-193

Agile Coaching in British Telecom: Making Strawberry Jam (Abstract)

Sean Hanly , Exoftware
Laura Waite , Exoftware
Linsley Meadows , British Telecom
Roger Leaton , British Telecom
pp. 194-202

Something to Believe In (Abstract)

Jeff Honious , Reed Elsevier, plc
Jonathan Clark , Elsevier, Inc.
pp. 203-212
Change Agency
Guerilla Agile

T3 - Tool for Monitoring Agile Development (Abstract)

Valerie Trapa , Avaya Communications, Inc.
Santhpur Rao , Avaya Communications, Inc.
pp. 243-248
Developer Practices

Automating Functional Tests Using Selenium (Abstract)

Antawan Holmes , Digital Focus
Marc Kellogg , Digital Focus
pp. 270-275

Presenter First: Organizing Complex GUI Applications for Test-Driven Development (Abstract)

Micah Alles , Atomic Object
David Crosby , Atomic Object
Carl Erickson , Atomic Object
Greg Pattison , Burke Porter Machinery
Curt Stienstra , Burke Porter Machinery
pp. 276-288
Whole Team

Adding Usability Testing to an Agile Project (Abstract)

Gerard Meszaros , clearStream Consulting
Janice Aston , Canadian Pacific Railway
pp. 289-294

A Tale of Two Writing Teams (Abstract)

Stacia Heimgartner , Rally Software Development Corp.
Melody Locke , BMC Software, Inc.
pp. 295-304

How Not to Do Agile Testing (Abstract)

Michael Puleio , Microsoft Corporation
pp. 305-314

How BMC is Scaling Agile Development (Abstract)

Israel Gat , BMC Software, USA
pp. 315-320

Lessons Learned from an eXtremely Distributed Project (Abstract)

Ben Hogan , ThoughtWorks, Australia
pp. 321-326

Offshore Agile Maintenance (Abstract)

Naresh Jain , ThoughtWorks
pp. 327-336
Learning Agile

Agile Project Initiation Techniques - The Inception Deck and Boot Camp (Abstract)

Jonathan Rasmusson , ThoughtWorks Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
pp. 337-341

A Self Funding Agile Transformation (Abstract)

Daniel Poon , Romax Technology Ltd
pp. 342-350
Agile Value

Using an Agile Approach in a Large, Traditional Organization (Abstract)

Dot Tudor , TCC
George A. Walter , OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
pp. 367-373
Educator's Symposium

Educators' Symposium Overview (PDF)

Joseph Chao , Bowling Green State University, USA
pp. 383

Extreme Construction: Making Agile Accessible (Abstract)

Joseph Bergin , Pace University, USA
Fred Grossman , Pace University, USA
pp. 384-389

Forming Successful eXtreme Programming Teams (Abstract)

Alan Gray , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Andrew Jackson , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Ioanna Stamouli , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Shiu Lun Tsang , Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
pp. 390-399

The Impact of Agility on a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (Abstract)

Carol Wellington , Shippensburg University
Thomas Briggs , Shippensburg University
C. Dudley Girard , Shippensburg University
pp. 400-404

Using Agile Management to Share Course Projects Among Multiple Classes (Abstract)

Michael Wainer , Southern Illinois University, USA
pp. 405-410

Examining the Compatibility of Student Pair Programmers (Abstract)

Laurie Williams , North Carolina State University, USA
Lucas Layman , North Carolina State University, USA
Jason Osborne , North Carolina State University, USA
Neha Katira , Micromass Communications, USA
pp. 411-420

Give It Your Best Shot: Favorite Lectures from Agile Teachers (PDF)

Joseph Chao , Bowling Green State University
Gary Pollice , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 423
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Author Index (PDF)

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