The Community for Technology Leaders
Twenty-Third Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 1989. (1989)
Pacific Grove, California, USA
Oct. 30, 1989 to Nov. 1, 1989
ISBN: 0-929029-30-1

Neural computation in analog VLSI (PDF)

C. Mead , California Institute of Technology
pp. 1

A multi-DSP ring array for connectionist simulations (PDF)

J. Beck , International Computer Science Institute
pp. 24-27

Efficient scalar-vector product computation for signal processing (PDF)

D.L. Jones , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigm
pp. 28-32

A cascaded adaptive array (PDF)

M.W. Ganz , MIT Lincoln Laboratory
pp. 59-63

Adaptive nulling of oinni-directional blanking channel (PDF)

S.C. Pohlig , Lincoln Laboratory, M. I. T.
pp. 64-68

Opportunities for optics in computing (PDF)

S. Redfield , Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
pp. 84-88

Cellular optical digital computers (PDF)

A.A. Sawchuk , University of Southern California
pp. 97-100

Harmonic analysis of neural networks (PDF)

J. Bruck , IBM Almaden Research Center
pp. 142-146

An overview of greyscale morphological filters (PDF)

R.M. Lougheed , Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
pp. 152-156

Frartal-based image compression (PDF)

S.M. Kocsis , Naval Ocean Systems Center
pp. 177-181

Fractal modeling of time-series data (PDF)

D.S. Mazel , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 182-186

Detection of a chirping electromagnetic signal (PDF)

S.D. Stearns , Sandia National Laboratories
pp. 216-219

2.0 GHz sampling rate transversal filter (PDF)

M.H. Berry , Naval Ocean Systems Center
pp. 294-296

PRIMO: a programmable electrooptic processor (PDF)

Y. Owechko , Hughes Research Labonaories
pp. 297-301

Optical generation of cross-ambiguity functions and related surfaces (PDF)

T. Turpin , System Engineering and Development Corporation
pp. 302-306

Trigonometric substitutes for prolate spheroidal data windows (PDF)

C.A. Greenhall , Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
pp. 351-354

Statistical optimization of the log spectral density estimate (PDF)

P.F. Sjoholm , Boeing Aerospace & Electronics
pp. 355-359

A low-cost data flow signal processor (PDF)

L. Mintzer , Rockwell International Corporation
pp. 416-419

THCMOS: testable high speed CMOS design (PDF)

R. Rajsuman , Case Western Reserve University
pp. 420-425

From polar to rectangular and back (PDF)

J.A. Eldon , TRW LSI Products, Inc.
pp. 431-435

Milxed-mode simulation with spice-like circuit simulators (PDF)

W.M. Zuberek , Memorial University of Newfoundland
pp. 445-449

Sensitivity of partial response detection in the magnetic channel (PDF)

P. Newby , Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science
pp. 456-460

Equalization for partial-response systems (PDF)

W. Schott , IBM Research Division
pp. 461-465

Sequeuce detection on run-length-limited codes (PDF)

J.J. Moon , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 466-470

Orthogonal wavelet transforms and filter banks (PDF)

G. Evangelista , University of California
pp. 489-492

Designing fast convolvers for residue number systems (PDF)

A. Skavantzos , Louisiana State University
pp. 497-501

Parallel counters for signed binary signals (PDF)

B. Parhami , University of California
pp. 513-516

An optimization approach for object delineation (PDF)

P. Ria , SRI International
pp. 526-531

Author index (PDF)

pp. 537-540
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