The Community for Technology Leaders
Twenty-Second Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (1988)
Pacific Grove, CA, USA
Oct. 31, 1988 to Nov. 2, 1988
ISSN: 1058-6393

On The Use Of Filter Banks In Adaptive Filtering (PDF)

M.R. Petraglia , University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 30-34

Adaptive Beamforming For Large Arrays (PDF)

B. Friedlander , Signal Processing Technology, Ltd.
pp. 44-48

Image Reconstruction Using The Bispectrum* (PDF)

T. Lawrence , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 58-62

Distributions For Seismic Signal Representation (PDF)

D. Harris , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 63-67

3-D Perspective View Of Sonar Images (PDF)

Chin-Hwa Lee , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 73-77

An Exact Programmable Switched-capacitor Equalizer (PDF)

A. Petraglia , University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 142-145

Window Shaping In The Design Of FIR Filters (PDF)

B. Tseng , California State University
pp. 152-156

Optical Interconnects (PDF)

J.A. Neff , E. I. DuPont deNemours & Co., Inc.
pp. 166-169

Spatial Light Modulators For Signal Processing Systems (PDF)

J.N. Lee , Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 170-175

SETI Signal Processing (PDF)

E. Satorius , California Institute of Technology
pp. 194-198

The AST All-digital Tuner Chip Set (PDF)

J. Gray , Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
pp. 199-203

New Results On Multiple Correlations (PDF)

G.B. Giannakis , University of Virginia
pp. 204-208

Robust Spectral Estimation: Autocorrelation Based Minimum Free Energy Method (PDF)

S.D. Silverstein , General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center
pp. 209-213

Instantaneous Power Spectrum* (PDF)

R.D. Hippenstiel , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 214-218

Minimal-order Feedback Control Design (PDF)

M.S. Santina , Rockwell International, Satellite & Space Electronics Division
pp. 223-226

Deadbeat Feedback Design For Time Varying Systems (PDF)

J.J. Duffy , Rockwell International Corporation
pp. 227-231

L/spl infin/ Theory Based Computer Aided Controller Synthesis for Time-Delay Systems (PDF)

N.E. Wu , State University of New York at Binghamton
pp. 232-235

Set-valued Filtering And Smoothing (PDF)

D. Morrell , Arizona State University
pp. 236-240

A New Type Of Decision Feedback Equalizer (PDF)

A.K. Aman , AT&T Bell Laboratories
pp. 265-269

Algorithms For The Segmentation Of Speckled Images (PDF)

H. Derin , University of Massachusetts
pp. 279-284

Rendering Of Texture On 3D Surfaces (PDF)

F.S. Cohen , Drexel University
pp. 295-299

Filters With Small Non-linearities (PDF)

R.J. Elliott , University of Alberta
pp. 333-336

On Combining Decentralized Reduced Order Estimates* (PDF)

C.S. Sims , West Virginia University
pp. 337-340

A Very High-speed FFT Device Architecture (PDF)

S.A. White , Rockwell International Corporation
pp. 352-357

BLR: The Bus-line Router (PDF)

X. Sun , San Jose State University
pp. 402-406

Switch-Box Routing Based on Corner-Edge (PDF)

Y. Kajitani , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 407-411

Broadband Matched Field Processing (PDF)

W.S. Hodgkiss , Scripps Institution of Oceanoggraphy
pp. 421-425

Observability Conditions For Angles-only Tracking* (PDF)

A.N. Payne , University of California
pp. 451-457

Mathematical Morphology And Computer Vision (PDF)

R.M. Haralick , University of Washington
pp. 468-479

Feature-based Motion Analysis (PDF)

K.E. Price , University of Southern California
pp. 485-489

A Computational Model Of Texture Segmentation (PDF)

J. Malik , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 490-494

Author index (PDF)

pp. 507-510
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